Humans in Charge: Steering the AI Age Responsibly

An omni-stakeholder international AI Symposium, titled “Humans in Charge: Steering the AI Age Responsibly” is taking place on the 2nd of October, in Budapest, Hungary.

Aiming to deal with important subjects related to AI, namely a regulatory wave, responsible AI, multi-stakeholders and AI Governance, the conference will focus on 4 different topics:

1. Responsible AI in Digital Platforms, Telco & Media
2. AI, Safety and Security. AI for Good and Protecting the Next Generation
3. AI Regulation, Ethics and Governance
4. AI in Society & Public Services

Along with other high-profile keynote speakers for each topic, our Executive Director Gianluca Misuraca will deliver a keynote speech on the topic “Mastering AI for government: governance “of, with, and by” AI” at 18:10.

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