AI and Ethics

🚀 Ready for a new exciting module for the 3rd Cohort (2023-2024) of the AI4Gov Master’s Program in Artificial Intelligence for Public Services? Module 4 “AI and Ethics” is making its start!

As the finale of the foundational courses, Module 4 focuses on the legal and ethical aspects of AI in public services, providing professionals with essential tools to navigate these complexities. It covers theoretical foundations and practical analysis of real-world use cases, enabling students to understand the European AI legal framework and ensure compliance.

The module will consist of the following lectures and lecturers:

– Introduction to the module (VĂ­ctor RodrĂ­guez-Doncel)

– 1st AI4Gov Dialogue (Moderator Gianluca Misuraca, Panelists: Stefano Quintarelli, Emanuela Girardi)

– 101 AI and Ethics (Philip A. E. Brey)

– AI Risk & Quality Standards. Conformance Regulatory Compliance (Dave Lewis)

– Regulation of Technologies (Katrin Metcalf)

– Rules as Law (Victor RodrĂ­guez)

– Identity management and trust. eID, eIDAS, SSI, use of AI (Silvia Lips)

– Final lecture (VĂ­ctor RodrĂ­guez)

To kick off the module, an engaging session of AI4Gov Dialogue will be offered and dive into the topics relevant to the module, such as high risks, GenAI, foundation models, and the intricate landscape of venture capital and AI financing. Moderated by our Executive Director Gianluca Misuraca, the AI4Gov Dialogue will invite Stefano Quintarelli and Emanuela Girardi, helping you have a better grasp of the content you will learn later in the module.

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