Knowledge Hub

The AI4Gov Knowledge Hub (AI4Gov KH) mission is the contribution to the digital transformation and innovation of public services nurturing an ecosystem focused on AI and data spaces technologies to provide enhanced benefits for society with human-centric European values at the core.


The AI4Gov Knowledge Hub Pillars

Shared Research

The first pillar incorporates shared research initiatives and results, especially those that include cross-border collaborations between the AI4Gov KH members and other suitable actors. Hereby interested institutions are welcome to jointly contribute with key knowledge and shape consortia to apply for research funding and, overall, champion a human-centric approach for digital technologies solutions in public services.


Education & Peer Learning

The second pillar, education and peer learning, facilitates the already established and highly prestigious world-class international master program and, from here, extensions and adaptations focused on the development of the educational offering, including new formats and pieces of training that can enable the transformation of public-related institutions. AI4Gov KH members are welcome to propose new opportunities for education and peer learning.


Civil Society Outreach

The third pillar addresses society at large. Its focus is ensuring that civil society benefits from the implementation of AI in public services with EU values at the core. Relevant information will be gathered and displayed, together with position papers, reports, insights from key practitioners and recommendations. AI4Gov KH members contribute to the dissemination with their expertise and knowledge.


Global Community of Practice

The fourth pillar enables the creation of communities of practice and thereby fosters the exchange of knowledge among peers. Those practitioners will thereby be able to learn from each other and help each other with their respective challenges. A repository of use cases with best practices is displayed with the support of AI4Gov Kh members. Participants in the AI4Gov education, in particular those enrolled in the master participants are active members of this community and ambassadors of the AI4Gov approach.