About Us

AI4Gov is a leading international ecosystem of research, training, and innovation opportunities aiming to use AI to improve public services, globally. Our goal is to contribute to the empowerment of public administrations, helping them transform how public services are delivered: using artificial intelligence, and fostering a human-centric approach to service design. To enable it, we train the new generation of functional specialists in AI. Through the AI4Gov Master Program, now in its third edition, we are creating a growing ecosystem of stakeholders (researchers, public administrators, corporate partners) to work with us to achieve the best use of AI for the public sector.

Our Mission

The AI4Gov Knowledge Hub will create an ecosystem (of professionals, researchers, companies, governments, innovators) who works with public administrations to help transform their current way of working. Facilitating the introduction of new technologies such as AI and data management, governance and sharing, as well as a renewed way of understanding and facing complex public challenges: humanistic, systemic, focused on values.

Our Vision

A functional public administration, which makes use of new technologies such as AI and data to empower public servants in their ability to provide better services to citizens. Helping, in the long term, to solve the socioeconomic challenges facing today’s society. We envision Public Administrations globally who provide better services, embedding the needs of citizens at their core. Who work closely with civil society to foresee their needs and solve their challenges. Who deliver their services in a transparent manner whilst making the most of public data, and who thrive in creating public-private spaces for innovation and participatory design of these services.



Functional specialists, i.e., experts with a knowledge on AI and a specific domain will make the difference in the implementation of a next generation of AI-based services of public interest.
Claudio Feijoo (Project Coordinator AI4Gov)

AI4GOV Partners

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain

Founded in 1971, and with 13 research centers, 5 research institutes and 3 innovation centers, the UPM is among the 100 most innovative universities in Europe (Reuters Ranking of innovative universities in Europe). It holds international recognition in areas such as robotics and Artificial Intelligence, and stands out for its rigorous technical training, the high employability of its graduates, international mobility and its focus on promoting entrepreneurship, having created more than 240 start-ups since 2004 (ActúaUPM programme).

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Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Founded in 1863, the university holds the distinction of being the largest university in Italy, with 7 campuses. One of the oldest technical universities in Italy, it focuses on engineering, architecture and design. Politecnico di Milano is a scientific-technological university, and places great importance on quality and innovation in education, emphasizing the creation of meaningful relations with the world by providing education with experimental research. It is internationally recognized in areas such as design thinking, collective intelligence and service design.

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Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU), Germany

Founded in 1742, it is the second largest university in Bavaria with five faculties, 265 chairs and currently about 40,000 students. Considered one of the great research universities in Germany, it is among the best 12 in Europe in 31 categories, according to the U-Multirank ranking.

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Tallinna Tehnikaülikool (TalTech), Estonia

Founded in 1918, TalTech is the sole technological university in Estonia. It is also the most international university in Estonia. TalTech is a research-based university offering Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees in technology, applied science, IT, business and maritime studies.

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