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AI4Gov is a leading international ecosystem of research, training, and innovation opportunities aiming to use AI to improve public services, globally. Our goal is to contribute to the empowerment of public administrations, helping them transform how public services are delivered: using artificial intelligence, and fostering a human-centric approach to service design. To enable it, we train the new generation of functional specialists in AI. Through the AI4Gov Master Program, now in its third edition, we are creating a growing ecosystem of stakeholders (researchers, public administrators, corporate partners) to work with us to achieve the best use of AI for the public sector.

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AI4Gov Master Program in Artificial Intelligence in Public Services

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AI4Gov Master’s Program


This excellent Master’s program prepares the functional specialists in AI of tomorrow. We train you on how to design, implement and govern AI projects in the public sector.


Taking advantage of the program, which will allow you to engage in not only theory-based learning but also hands-on projects. We provide you with the knowledge to become competent and drive the meaningful use of AI in public service.


If you are a professional from any discipline or work in public institutions and are looking for a space to expand your knowledge of AI and its application to public services with a human-centered approach, our master’s is the right choice for you.


Now it’s the right time to apply for the Master’s Program.

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Now that 2024 has started, AI4Gov is also taking it up a notch with the first hands-on project for our…

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Date Location
19 – 20 October 2023 Madrid
23 – 24 June 2023 Milan
17 – 18 March 2023 Nuremberg
21 – 22 October 2022 Madrid
15 – 17 June 2022 Tallinn
28 – 30 April 2022 Milan

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